A universe of family entertainment with diverse attractions and experiences


360 is home to one of the most extensive movie screen complexes in Kuwait. The fifteen movie theatres are Kuwait’s largest under one roof and provide moviegoers a complete cinematic experience in comfortable and pleasant surroundings, with two VIP cinemas. For the first time in Kuwait, guests can enjoy the ultimate 3D IMAX experience with its cutting edge cinematic technology. And the 4DX auditorium, advances the movie theatre experience from watching the movie, to almost living it!


Freeze Club is specifically designed to offer entertainment and leisure options for teenage age groups. It provides 1,500 square metres of entertainment space and offers a wide range of recreational activities tailored to suit teenage tastes, including arcades, video games and simulators.


360 Kuwait’s entertainment offer provides a unique setting that is characterized by vitality and excitement. The mall’s Family Entertainment Centre is meticulously designed to the highest international standards and specifications of world-class leisure venues. Guests will experience state-of-the-art entertainment, featuring top-of-the-line rides including the Roller Coaster, Drop Tower, Rope Course, Rock Climbing and much more. Innovative video games and skill redemption games also cater to the different needs of the entire family, while birthday party rooms can be reserved for those special occasions.


Make Meaning is an unrivaled entertainment destination that brings guests of all ages together to enjoy fun and creative pursuits!

This unique brand of entertainment is delivered through an unexpected and unconventional high-quality experience that inspires, surprises and delights. Make Meaning offers a wide variety of hands-on and sensory activities including glass colouring, soap making, jewellery making, candle making and ceramics for children and adults alike. Make Meaning is also an award-winning events destination, offering celebrations from birthday parties to corporate events and more..


The Blow Room covers an area of more than 2.5 thousand square metres and delivers modern leading technology to this long established, popular sport

The facility also includes a VIP bowling alley, the perfect bespoke space to add exclusivity to an event to make it extra special.