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In 1984, Cartier began the Cartier Collection. These pieces, acquired over time, are of interest to both Cartier and the decorative arts as a whole. The criteria for selection include style, inspiration, materials, craftsmanship and, for certain pieces, their historical dimension.

The Cartier Collection now contains more than 1,360 pieces dating from the beginnings of the Maison to the present day. Items listed in original archive documents include jewelry sets, collections of tiaras, collections of classic or precious watches and a group of “mystery” clocks equipped with hidden mechanisms. There are also extravagant or utilitarian objects and accessories: small ladies’ vanity cases, decorated boxes, writing instruments, cigarette cases, etc.

The Cartier Collection constitutes a record that stretches from the past to the present day and that takes you, via the Maison’s reminiscences, through the history of both jewelry-making and a rapidly growing company.

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