360 MALL’s Vertical Gardens to create eco-buzz through photography contest

Through an innovative photography contest, aimed at talented individuals in Kuwait, to capture “The Gardens’ at 360 MALL – Kuwait’s iconic shopping mall owned by Tamdeen Shopping Centers Company, the mall hopes to raise awareness of the benefits of a green environment to visitors.

‘The Gardens’ is a unique and innovative eco-friendly creation that features over 21,000 individual plants and more than 60 plant species from all over the world that adorns the wall and vertical structures alongside several restaurants at ‘The Gardens’ zone.

Visually stunning, the vertical gardens function as a natural bio-filter, improving the mall’s air quality. The plants have been chosen for their diverse form, color and texture to create a soothing and relaxing canvas of a tropical forest.

Created by the famous botanist Patrick Blanc, who is also a researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific research in Paris, the Vertical Gardens – which is his invention – is increasingly finding its place within commercial places, hotels and even homes. In Kuwait, 360 MALL was the first place to house Blanc’s creation.

The photo contest is open to public and will commence on May 10 until 10.00 pm of May 21. The photographs have to be exclusive of ‘The Gardens’ and have to be taken in the most creative manner.

Photographers can register at www.kwtphotography.com and each photographer can submit three photographs. All submissions have to be made before May 21 and the winning entries will be announced during an event on May 28. All terms and conditions are also available onsite and on 360 MALL’s social media platforms.

First prize winner will receive USD 7,000, while the second and third places will receive USD 5,000 and USD 3,000 respectively. The 24 best entries will also have their photographs exhibited in a special exhibition at 360 MALL.

Claudia Lopusinska, Marketing Manager, 360 MALL, said: “360 MALL has always offered its valued customers an engaging experience, providing them with more than just shopping and dining. Through this photography activity, we hope to encourage and engage talented residents in Kuwait while also highlighting the benefits of having a green environment around our living and working spaces.”

The competition is open to Kuwaitis and Kuwaiti residents above the age of 14 years.